On this page you can learn about special features that can be incorporated into your home, or that you may have seen on the gallery page that you may be unfamiliar with and would like to learn about.

Faux Finishing: An inexpensive painting technique often used to give the appearance of plaster, and old world finish, the warm glow of a sun washed wall, or of a made out of stone look. Frequently used in Tuscan styled homes, and authentic pueblo homes as well.

Venetian plaster:  This is a true plaster beautiful smooth or slick wall and ceiling finish that creates the look and feel of plaster at a fraction of the cost while giving the appearance of depth, color variation, and an old world feel of the southwest.

Vigas: Generally substantial round decretive or structural beams that run wall to wall along the ceiling, sometimes embedded into plaster, or appearing to support smaller ceiling material know as latillas.

Latillas: Historically used in pueblo homes in conjunction with Vegas, these are small willow, aspen, or pine, sticks that have had their bark pealed, placed close together to create an authentic structure that would be capable of supporting a mud, or sod roof.  Currently used in a decorative manner.

Corbels: A decorative or architectural member that supports a weight made of wood or stone placed at each end of a Vega or Beam that is stepped upward and outward from a vertical surface.

Cantera Stone: Interior or exterior stone detail often used in fireplace surrounds, around windows, columns, and other points of interest in a home or commercial construction,

Canales:  A drain spout that protrudes from the vertical side of a home that directs rainwater away from and off of a flat roof section.

Nicho: An opening in a wall to place artwork or artistic element in homes of the southwest.

Exposed lattice frame: Wooden slats design to support roof tile or decorative wooden structure that is symmetrical sometimes used in a pergola or gazebo.

Green Building:  A technique whereby a home is constructed using fewer materials, or renewable materials, or reclaimed, or recycled materials, and utilize more energy efficient design, heating and cooling systems to save energy, and resources.  Build Green New Mexico and (LEED) or Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design are programs that allow the home owner to access government rebates, and tax credits in order to lessen the cost to the buyer for doing the environmentally right thing when building a home.  Features such Solar panels, and tank-less hot water heaters to name but a few items add cost to a home, however by receiving a Home Energy Rating (HERS) of Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, the buyer can qualify for various tax credits or rebates to offset these additional costs.

Energy Star:  A national rating system for appliances, windows, doors, lighting, heating and cooling components, that denotes energy savings and efficiencies for these components if used in a new home.  Low E glass, thermal break windows for example can reduce solar gain, and therefore save on home cooling costs, thus achieving a Energy Star designation.

Photovoltaic solar panel: Shown is a rooftop installation having 355 days of sunshine in Las Cruces, New Mexico it is appropriate too utilize the Sun to offset energy costs by generating some of your own electric power.

Wind Generators: While rare in this part of the country there are some times of the year when one can really payoff.

Stamped & Stained Concrete:  Using a concrete stamp, and colored concrete stains can enrich and enhance the look of any exterior or interior concrete work.

Termite Treatment:  Building beautiful custom homes that last require protection from subterranean pests.  Photo here shows framing complete with termite treatment applied to all exposed lumber surfaces inside and out.

Water Features – Pond Scape’s –  Koi Ponds: Over the many years I have been building homes I have constructed many different water features, I only wish I had taken more photographs.  Here is an example of a Koi Pond with curved bridge. The objective of a pond is it must become an eco system, this way it is as close to self-maintaining as possible. Plants, pumps, aquatic life, all must serve a purpose which at its core must include beauty, pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment.

Entry Medallion: A Medallion is reflection of the home owners style and used to highlight the tile floor in the entry rotunda of this home.

Tank-less Hot Water Heater & Water Softener:  Using the newest technology in tank-less hot water heaters, here we show a system that delivers instant and continuous hot water for as many as five fixtures at once with this energy efficient appliance.  Units can also be mounted in tandem to produce any necessary amount of hot water. Also shown is a typical water softener installed.

Stacked Stone: Stacked stone comes in many different varieties and can add value and an attractive look to a home. Strategic use and proper planning can yield superior results and a cost effective enhancement to the home.

Steel Pergola Construction is low or no maintainance 

Light Gauge Steel Framing is fireproof for all day BBQ’s

Concrete Countertops with or without intergarted sink