Rammed earth walls are built by tamping a mixture of soil, 3% portland cement and a 6-10% moisture content. With a skid loader the soil is dumped into the forms. It is put in lifts of 7″ – 8″  and is tamped down to 4″- 5″ with pneumatic tampers. The forms can be stripped as tamping is complete. As each day passes, the walls become stronger. “Think of rammed earth as a sort of “instant rock.” The natural process of creating sedimentary rock occurs over a span of thousands and millions of years.” A rammed earth wall, on the other hand, is created it in a matter of minutes. If your quest in coming to our site is to learn more about rammed earth in itself we recommend that you read David Easton’s book The Rammed Earth House.  He chronicles the history as well as the logistics of building a rammed earth home.