Home design is a creative approach to maximizing a space. It’s more than just aesthetics, it’s also efficiency and practicality. It’s about refining space that achieves delicacy, charm, and style. As custom home builders, we often think about recreating a living area to something far more welcoming and functional. Home design plays a role at Villa Custom Homes because when we build custom builds or remodel, a client’s vision for their home’s design is an important component of the final product.

Designing a home involves many steps and the answering of many questions. Our goal is to make all of our home building projects 100% transparent so that you know where every dollar is spent.

Our Full-Service Design Process 

With decades of experience, Villa Custom Homes has designed, built, and completed hundreds of homes. Each of these had a different vision and we understand the importance of design to the feel and atmosphere of your home. Home remodeling and design can transform a space into something more elegant, cozy, or exotic. Whatever floats your boat. 

If you’re looking to alter a room or area of your home, it might need more than just rearrangement but a remodeling plan along with a home design concept. Our home design services are part of what we do when we either develop a custom home from scratch or work on a remodeling project. How the space is built dictates, in large part, what can be done when it comes to interior design.

We Also Offer Remodeling Services 

Our remodeling and design services include anything from minor projects, additions, and/or full transformations of your home. Because we specialize in Southwest style homes, we offer home design ideas that might add a little Southwestern flair to your new space. If you’re looking for something a little more modern or you’d like a more rustic feel, let us know and we’ll be able to craft what you have in mind. 

Home Design Ideas: Where to Start 

As a custom home builder in the Southwest, we specialize in rammed earth pueblo-style homes and features, but we also build under a variety of other styles.

Looking for design ideas? Try these great Southwestern-style interior features and materials.  


  • Adobe
  • Rammed earth
  • Timber
  • Stone

Interior Features

  • Vigas
  • Latillas
  • Grape stakes
  • Venetian plaster
  • Cantera stone
  • Stacked stone or cultured stone

Your Home Design Questions, Answered!

We get a lot of questions about our process. Here are some of the most common questions we see as we work with our clients. 

Will I have an accurate budget before the project begins?

Of course. We take spending your money seriously around here. It’s why we promise 100% transparency with the budget. If we run into something that will change as we go, we will discuss with you before we proceed. 

What is the timeline on home remodeling or home design projects?

Well, it really depends on the scope of the project and, to some extent, your availability. Projects will vary in length depending on whether we have to get any permits or order specialty products to achieve the desired results. 

What can I expect when looking to have a home remodeling or home design project?

Similarly to when we build a home, our design process is separate. There is a questionnaire involved that allows us to get a better idea of what you’re looking for. We will also sit with you and have discussions about what your goals are regarding the project as well as what you are envisioning. We design from there, but we keep you involved, and communication open. 

Our General Timeline: From Dreams to Reality!

Our process of home remodel projects is similar to our process when building a custom home from scratch. It goes something like this:

  • Initial discussions and project estimates: Here we find out what you’re looking for and provide ideas, options, possibilities, and more. 
  • Assessing the cost of the project: We include the costs of every last piece of material, labor, and or needed equipment or supplies. 
  • Obtaining required permits (when applicable): Jurisdictional permits are often required for home remodeling or additions.  
  • Insurance risks: Villa Custom Homes is fully insured and bonded. We carry general liability, workmen’s compensation insurance, and when appropriate, builders risk insurance. 
  • Interior selections: This is where we choose the finishes, the components you’ll interact with, or any other needed items to complete the project. 
  • Getting the necessary crew: Villa Custom Homes works with experienced and professional sub-contractors, Concrete, carpentry, painting, masons, and more, we have the best people. 
  • Budget oversight: We always ensure we are keeping an eye on the budget so that there are no last-minute surprises for you. 

The Benefits of Working With Us

There is no shortage of home builders out there who like to call themselves custom. Here at Villa Custom Homes, we are a true custom home builder with capabilities that go above and beyond that. It’s not just about building a new home, we can help you renovate or remodel your existing home by rearranging, adding, or shifting the space you already have. 

  • We value structure and aesthetics. We never compromise structure, sound foundations, or quality for surface beauty. We aim for the beauty that comes with true craftsmanship and quality. 
  • We directly employ our own experienced carpenters, masons, specialty finishers, and more. 
  • We are an “open book.” 100% transparent budget. You’ll know where every dollar is going to have to be spent before we start, and throughout the process.  

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